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rubbish removal

What do households in the Greater London area throw away as rubbish each year?  Packaging, plastic and paper items, broken household goods and appliances, discarded furniture, garden refuse, and ………… 

A study has revealed that a horrific amount of fresh produce – that is, uneaten meat, fruit and vegetables that were allowed to go bad – is thrown away by residents of London.  This amounts to an estimated £600,000,000 worth every year!  This does not even include left overs, only unused, spoiled food!

The truth is that this figure is not far short of the total combined annual incomes of all the farmers in the Greater London metropolitan area!

In addition to this, the residents of the city spend more than 6½  billion dollars per year on takeaways, beverages, and dining out.

What the health conscious and environmentally concerned people of the city would like to see is a fewer rubbish removal of food, and a return to home grown fruit and vegetables. Their ideal is to turn Lonson into a ‘living city’ rather than a ‘consuming city’ alone.

So much for food.  As far as other household goods go, people are encouraged to buy the best quality that they can afford.  London’s ‘throw away’ society needs to become conscious of all the materials and fuel used to manufacture their belongings.  It is no longer just a question of being able to afford to regularly throw away stuff and buy new things.  We are getting to the stage where the planet itself cannot afford it.

The reality of the danger that the planet is entering at the moment has had an impact on many cities of the world, and the City of London is included.

The question of rubbish removal and disposal of it, is one that the city is currently addressing, with great results.

London is putting every effort into turning the whole region into a green and eco-friendly environment.  No longer is every bit of refuse taken to a landfill and covered up.  The City is at the moment sending 40,000 tons of household rubbish to advanced waste treatment facilities that recover recyclables and produce compost.  They do, however expect the residents of the city to co-operate as far as possible.

A great many concerned citizens are spending the time and effort to sort  their garbage into separate bins, a different colour for each category of recyclable.  This makes the work of the city’s recycling facilities much easier and also helps to create recycled goods and compost of a superior quality.

As admirable as this practice is, the fact remains that many people – both householders and businesses – simply cannot afford the time for this.  What are the other options to save time and still be responsible citizens?

Fortunately there are answers.  If you are such a concerned householder or business person, you will find that a really reliable rubbish removal company will most likely be your answer.

A good rubbish removal company should be equally concerned about the environment and know and understand the policy of the City.  They should have the expertise to handle every kind of rubbish and waste.  All your garbage should be loaded by them and then taken to an approved sorting and recycling facility.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable this kind of service can be.  For cheap rubbish removal, you will probably pay no more than for hiring bins or skips, and you have none of the labour of loading and unloading. 

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