Local House Clearances in Derbyshire

Have you got a probate property that needs clearing or a refurbishment project? Have you been clearing out rooms after a hoarder, or dealing with difficult circumstances such as bereavement and you don’t know what to do with the waste?

House clearances can be stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming. No matter the situation, call us for some free advice and we are here to help.

At All House Clearances, we specialise in clearing unwanted items from either part of, or an entire house. This includes all kinds of furniture, sofas, pianos, kitchen equipment, electrical appliances, clothes, books, as well as any household waste or hazardous materials. Furthermore, we deduct the resale value of any antiques, collectables or other valuable items from your bill. By doing so, we can pass on big savings for you.

Our goal is to make house clearance process simple, quick, cost-efficient and hassle-free for you. We are a licensed waste carrier and we also have full liability insurance. We have national coverage with local teams who can collect items from any location at any time. Schedule a house clearance service with us today.

Our Services:

  • Home clearance The home clearance services that you benefit from directly fall under domestic waste removal. Includes household waste of all types including paper trash, kitchen garbage and the like. Apart from household waste, waste created in warehouses, animal sheds and other properties that often occur within residential premises are collected by our staff.
  • Office clearance generally consists of furniture and electronic items like PCs that are no longer in use.  The idea is to clear space or to clean up before or after a move.  The company you hire to deal with your office clearance should be registered with the correct waste disposal authority and should also be compliant with waste disposal standards for specific materials.  Nowadays they way office waste is disposed of has become a major issue and companies offering office clearance in the UK are required to use recycling and other approved methods.
  • Garden clearance mainly consists of items that are too bulky or inconvenient to transport to your local recycling point or rubbish tip.  As a homeowner you are likely to have a variety of garden waste from garden furniture to plant waste.  Garden clearance can be complicated as the items are often too heavy and bulky to be easily moved. In both cases of office clearance and garden clearance it can be time consuming and costs you time and effort that could be better used elsewhere.

Why Our Clients Trust Us:

  • We are a licensed waste carrier and we also have full liability insurance. So, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands. 
  • Professional touch with attention to details. All our staff are well trained to follow safety and health protocols as well as in-house developed Code of Conduct. Care and integrity are the base value of everything we do.
  • Flexible operations. If you are unable to be present at the facility during the cleanup, we can pick up and return your keys at your desired time and location.
  • We also offer complimentary cleaning services – deep cleaning and sanitising your facility after removing all junk, debris and rubbish. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

We collect and clear all types of items including:

  • all kinds of furniture
  • sofas
  • heavy objects such as pianos
  • kitchen equipment
  • electrical appliances
  • clothes
  • books
  • any household wastes
  • hazardous materials such as broken glasses, needles etc.

We can collect and clear items from any location on your property:

  • All public or private rooms
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Shed
  • Garages and outbuildings
  • Landing and stairwells
  • Communal areas
  • Offices and commercial premises

Yes we have a specialist team dedicated to hoarders cleanup or decluttering your loved one’s home after bereavement.

Yes absolutely. If you inform us ahead of time, we can arrange a professional cleaning team to offer a range of cleaning services that meet your needs.

In addition to house clearing and cleaning services, we also offer end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning, rubbish removal and upholstery cleaning in Derbyshire.

Yes. We have local teams in Derbyshire who can deliver standard house clearance services at your convenience.