Simple Ways To Leave Your House Clean Before Moving Out

end of tenancy cleaning

Cleaning of the house is a task we all have to complete before moving out. This article makes the work easier by giving handy tips on the process.

Are you about to move out and worried about the cleaning up? This article can take off a lot of your misery, by suggesting an appropriate plan of action for cleaning and fixing. You already have enough on your mind about the shifting of antiques and heavy furniture items like all the sectional sofas. All you have to remember to get your security deposit back is that you should leave every area as clean, or maybe cleaner, then how it was when you moved in.  

Now, check the areas mentioned in the list against the actual areas in your house. Notice and write down all those aspects that need a lot of time. Once you have jotted down the parts of the house that need special attention, it will become easier for you to handle the cleaning and fixing. Start with the part that might add most to the dirt. Walls will normally be the ones that might require special attention if you have stuck too many nails on them. You will have to remove the nails and fill up the holes with fillers. Also, patches that look discoloured due to friction with furniture pieces like recliners or sofas need to be covered up by magic eraser or paint.

Next, clean the kitchen sink. Use warm water with detergent. Scrub the grime in the refrigerator. You could also clean the shelves and drawers by hand. Wipe all the shelves and compartments dry before placing them back into the refrigerator. Next, use oven cleaners to clean the oven completely. This may require some safety precautions, so read the instructions on the manual. Finally, wipe down all the surfaces and rinse with water.

Remember to check the fixtures of the lightings. Replace all bulbs that are not working. Clean the exterior surfaces of every appliance properly. The shelves in the closets and the doors also need some cleaning up. Next, sweep the floor. Mop it with water or use special cleaning liquid to remove any stains. You can also remove the appliances and clean the hidden areas. Areas that are carpeted must be vacuumed. Places that were covered by furniture pieces like a platform bed need special cleaning. All collected garbage must be disposed of correctly.

In the bathroom, pay special attention to the toilet. Clean it well with the required solutions and wipe the outer surfaces. Clean the tub and the fixtures like faucets and shower heads. Wipe down the mirror and the lighting fixtures. Sweep and mop the bathroom floor. Get the broken blinds fixed. Also take a few pictures of the house to ensure that you have proof of the cleaning you did. With these changes done, you can be reasonably sure of getting back your entire fixed deposit. Now you can start thinking about the arrangement of your new home!

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