House Cleaning – Tips for Pet Owners

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House cleaning is an essential part of having a home. Pets are also important to many people. With a pet at home, there are some very specific household chores which may be centred on keeping the home clean and sanitary.

There are many different kinds of pets but the most common are cats and dogs. The important thing when home owners have pets of these kinds is to always potty train them. It reduces the need to frequently be on the alert for accidents and will minimise the need to constantly clean the house. Most of the following tips are centred on cats and dogs which are already trained or are being trained in this aspect.


No matter how well trained a house dog may be there are sure to be accidents when it is not feeling well or may have loose bowel movement. Faeces, urine and even vomit may be present when a dog is not feeling well. The vet should be consulted when this happens. House cleaning when there are faeces or urine needs to be done immediately to make sure that any lingering smell is taken care of. If the doctor has diagnosed some sickness, it is best to immediately scrub away at the accident area with some strong cleaning agent that will not harm the floor or the floor covering.

Tiles, stone and other hardy floor materials can withstand bleach but wood and carpeting may not be able to do so. Some soap may do the trick with wood floors while carpeting may need to be professionally cleaned. On the other hand, faeces or urine by younger dogs with normal bowel movement can be easily cleaned by mopping a stone or tiled floor with soapy water or watered down bleach. This is also applicable for urine. Faeces on the carpet may need to be brushed off while urine may need to be mopped up with a dry cloth before bringing it in for a professional clean. Other pets such as birds or rodents in cages are easy to clean and should have their cages cleaned daily. Birds usually have a lining at the bottom of their cages while rodents may need to have some form of litter box with fillers to facilitate a clean cage. Rodents may not need to be cleaned daily, depending on how many are present in the cage.


Most cats and dogs have fine hair that usually moults at certain times of the year. Pets that are allowed in the house and on the furniture will most assuredly leave some of their fur on it or on the floor. The best way to deal with fur or hair on the furniture is to pick it up with those rolls of lint pickers that have a sticky side which is rolled unto the furniture to pick up the fur or stray hair. Homeowners can do this spot of house cleaning by themselves, especially when expecting visitors and the cleaners are not around. This can also be done on clothes, curtains and other household items which may have picked up some fur or hair.

As for excessive moulting found on the floor, a sweep with the vacuum cleaner may do the trick. Giving the cat or dog some dietary supplement to make its fur healthier may also help to minimise the amount of fur it is shedding. It is also a good house cleaning idea to brush the pet daily to remove hair or fur that may be on the verge of shedding.

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