6 Dangerous Home Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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When you think about tackling some household chores spare a thought for the risk you’re putting you and your family in if you don’t take precautions and consider the methods and products you’re using. Many cleaning tasks around the home require the use of some very nasty chemicals, dangerous equipment and hazardous materials. Here’s a few cleaning mistakes you’d be wise to avoid.

Don’t Mix Bleach with Anything Else

You may have been told not to mix bleach with ammonia. But it’s actually not wise to mix this common household product with any kind of acidic cleaner. When you mix bleach and ammonia a toxic gas is released called chloramine which when inhaled can cause coughing, wheezing, sickness and watery eyes. If inhaled in large quantities it will cause considerable damage to the lungs. Mixing bleach with acidic cleaners, even something as innocuous as vinegar, can be equally as dangerous. The same gas is released and can lead to the same symptoms as before.

Climbing a Ladder and Not Taking Precautions

Home owners using ladders for chores such as cleaning gutters and windows leads to many of them ending up in hospital because they haven’t been careful and taken precautions. An alternative to this very risky pastime is to book a professional cleaning service provider. When it comes to gutter and window cleaning, they have a lot offer and the same goes wherever you may live in the UK. You might be thinking their services are out of your price range but you actually wrong.

Not Wearing Goggles When Using Toxic Cleaning Products

Even some of the cleaning products purchased over the counter can contain very toxic chemicals and when they come into contact with your skin, or are splashed into your eyes, it can be very dangerous. Many of these products carry warning labels and offer advice on how to stay protected when using them. Take heed of the manufacturers instructions and wear the necessary protective gear.

Taking Precautions When Cleaning After a Renovation

Many older properties in the UK still contain harmful materials such as lead-based paints and asbestos. If you’re planning a renovation in the next few months don’t forget to protect yourself from these very dangerous substances when you’re cleaning up the dirt, dust and debris that gets left behind. When sanding, sawing through or disturbing these toxic materials it’s very easy for the air-borne particles to be ingested. If you know you have lead-based paint or some other dangerous material in your home use lead-safe practices, a respirator and protective clothing. When it comes to asbestos you will have to use the services of a qualified contractor as this material has to be disposed of in the correct and safest way. Lead can be very toxic for pregnant women and small children but if the levels are high it can be dangerous for adults too. It can lead to high blood pressure, memory loss and problems with reproduction.

Not Clean Your Air Conditioner or Humidifier Regularly

When it comes to your homes air conditioning system or humidifier don’t forget that you need to keep them clean and well maintained. Otherwise you run the risk of spraying all kinds of unfriendly and dangerous microorganisms around the room and putting the health of you and your family at risk. With a humidifier if you don’t do it well or often enough you just aren’t doing yourself any favours. That means changing the water frequently and washing it down every three to four days as bacteria, mould and viruses will quickly start multiplying in the humidifiers water tank. Unhealthy pathogens that are sprayed back into the room can trigger asthma, allergies, flu like symptoms and infections of the lungs.

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